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Gaming with the Moms Episode 120: It’s Not a Motorcycle

Special guest Marcia Morgan from the Mommy Gamers joins us this week. We give a rundown of the winners from the Game Awards, and some things we think the show needs to do better. Then we talk about the PlayStation Experience and some of the cool new demos and trailers we saw there. Finally, the Switch is selling like gangbusters and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will be getting an update soon.

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Gaming with the Moms Episode 119: Video Games in Cereal Boxes

The final, at least for now, word on Star Wars Battlefront II comes from EA’s CFO. Turns out they couldn’t make loot boxes out of cosmetic items because they don’t own Star Wars. It’s a great point no one thought about. Player Unknown Battlegrounds is coming to mobile, bu just in China for now. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been released and has taken over our lives. Some Animal Crossing fans are complaining about it, but we think they’re just wrong. Also there is going to be a Mario cereal. For real.

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Gaming with the Moms Episode 117: IT’S NOT OUT YET

Star Wars Battlefront II is grabbing all the headlines, but not in a good way. Since the game became available on Early Access, its multiplayer component has left a sour taste in lots of gamers’ mouths. What will it mean for the game? Nominees for the third game awards have been announced and Nintendo is dominating the list. In addition Player Unknown Battlegrounds has been nominated in a couple of categories, despite the fact that’s still in Beta. What does than mean in terms of what can be nominated? Also, there may be a Mario animated movie on the way.

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