Girlfight Podcast

While working at IGN, Nicole conceived, launched and hosted a podcast featuring the female editors who worked at IGN at the time. The podcast was a big success, and provided a different point of view than many other gaming podcasts. All of the episodes* can be downloaded by visiting the link below.
*Nicole does not appear in any episodes after 50.
IGN Girlfight Episode 1girlfight-logo
There’s gonna be a Girlfight! Are you ready? Nicole, Dana, Kristine, Jessica, and Meghan introduce themselves, talk about what they’re playing and address the topic of how women are depicted in videogames. Spoiler Alert: We don’t really care that much.
IGN Girlfight Episode 2
This week Kristine bails on us because she has to work or something, so Nicole, Dana, Jessica, and Meghan give their thoughts on videogames as art and what they think of Roger Ebert, talk about what game manuals are really useful for and answer listener mail. Oh, and BOOBS!
IGN Girlfight Episode 3
This week we talk about why we’re hopeful, but scared about the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the appeal about California’s proposed game law, rant about irresponsible parents and answer a bunch of listener mail.
IGN Girlfight Episode 4
This week we talk about what it means to be a gamer, admit our lack of Halo skills, and answer a ton of listener mail.
IGN Girlfight Episode 5
This week, Nicole, Kristine, Jessica, and Meghan go at each other over EA’s new “Online Pass” and used games in general. Dana gets in touch with her snarky side, and we answer listener mail.
IGN Girlfight Episode 6
This week, Nicole, Dana, and Jess chat with veteran game designer Brenda Brathwaite about making games about serious topics, the social gaming explosion, and women in the game industry.
IGN Girlfight Episode 7
This week, the girls chat about videogame addictions, women and online shooters, as well as Japanese fetishes.
IGN Girlfight Episode 8
This week, the girls chat about the latest data on gamer demographics, answer lots of listener questions, and encounter the possible consequences of soy consumption.
IGN Girlfight Episode 9
It’s all about E3 this week as the girls discuss what will be there, what they hope will be there, sweaty nerds, and puking booth babes.
IGN Girlfight Episode 10
It’s like Christmas and our birthdays all wrapped in one. Dragon Age II is here! Plus we talk about some of the more interesting things we saw at GDC, and announce the winners of our first contest.
IGN Girlfight Episode 11
We’ve got a huge backlog of questions, so we dedicate this entire episode to answering as many as we can. How we got into the industry, relationships in games, relationships outside of games, crazy achievements, and vampires all come up.
IGN Girlfight Episode 12
This week, we chat about Blizzard’s plan to make players use their real names on official forums and the possible consequences, give away some of our favorite spoilers, and Jess gives an update on her “relationship” with Jim Reilly.
IGN Girlfight Episode 13
This week we chat about our feelings on the wealth of sequels around these days, express our concerns over what we’ve seen of Dragon Age 2 thusfar, and dream about what it would be like to work with the King of All Cosmos.
IGN Girlfight Episode 14
This week, Nicole, Meghan, and Kristine chat with veteran game designer Lucy Bradshaw about what it was like to work with Will Wright, the pressures of creating a smash hit, and the latest game from Maxis, Darkspore.
IGN Girlfight Episode 15
This week we chat about our thoughts on digital distribution, which games should get married and reproduce, whether or not videogames prevail over relationships, and Jess tells us about her brush with death.
This week we chat about the alleged policy against female lead characters at Activision, why Mike Newell is the second person to earn the title of asshat, as well as tips on how to break into games journalism.
IGN Girlfight Episode 17
This week we chat about whether the end of the PSP in imminent, who we might like to see play Commander Shepard in a movie, and what our lives would be like if they were games.
IGN Girlfight Episode 18
This week we chat about the big announcements, mostly from Sony, that came out of Gamescom, Kristine spills the beans on Dragon Age 2, and we predict when the inevitable Call of Duty decline will happen.
IGN Girlfight Episode 19
This week we chat about whether or not playing as the Taliban in Medal of Honor is enough to ban a game, give advice on which console to buy, and talk about bad games with dinosaurs in them.
IGN Girlfight Episode 20
This week we chat about the Xbox LIVE price hike, the new 360 controller, Godzilla-shaped tissue dispensers, and games that make us cry.
IGN Girlfight Episode 21
This week’s episode is a recording of the panel we did at the Penny Arcade Expo on September 3, where we gave advice on how to get your girlfriend into gaming, what it’s like to be a woman in the industry, and stereotypes that we hate.
IGN Girlfight Episode 22
This week we chat about our experience at the Tokyo Game Show and how underwhelming it was, the culture shocks we ran into while in Japan, and how we would handle a real-life zombie apocalypse.
IGN Girlfight Episode 23
This week we chat about a bunch of news including the new details on the 3DS, how people like to blame videogames for just about anything, and how amusing game executives can be.
IGN Girlfight Episode 24
This week we chat about how important story is to a game, speculate about Princess Peach conspiracy theories, and who we might like to see play Wonder Woman.
IGN Girlfight Episode 25
It’s episode 25, so we’ve let a Y chromosome into our midst. Podcast Beyond host and PlayStation fanboy Greg Miller joins us in our discussion about how much longer subscription-based MMOs can last, crazy car chases over game consoles, and how long it actually takes Greg to realize he doesn’t like something.
IGN Girlfight Episode 26
This week we chat about all the unusual media outlets that are covering games lately, rant about buggy releases, and fight about whether Oprah is evil.
IGN Girlfight Episode 27
This week we celebrate the 10th birthday of the PS2 by reminiscing about launch experiences, talking about good and bad games that appeared on the platform, and argue about the meaning behind trophy names.
IGN Girlfight Episode 28
This week we talk about what went down at the Supreme Court in relation to violent video games, gush over game-related marriage proposals, and offer our thoughts on retailer exclusives.
IGN Girlfight Episode 29
This week we chat about our recommendations for gaming-related gifts for the holidays, including our favorite games from throughout the year, as well as suggestions on console bundles. Plus, we’re playing some bizarre games this week, featuring everything from changing diapers to pole dancing.
IGN Girlfight Episode 30
The 360 turned five this week, and we celebrate by reminiscing about the console’s past, as well as talking about some of the favorite bugs we’ve seen in games. And we have our second male guest.
IGN Girlfight Episode 31
This week we complain (more than usual) about all the big games we were looking forward to lately that haven’t lived up to our expectations. Plus Jess gives her thoughts on OnLive and discovers a weird smell in the podcast room.
IGN Girlfight Episode 32
This week we’re joined by one of IGN’s ad gals as we discuss how stupid we think EA is for saying single-player gaming is dead. Plus, we talk about how WOW has been sucking up lots of our time, as well as which game characters we might like to have a one-night stand with.
IGN Girlfight Episode 33
This week we list off our favorite games of the year, platform by platform, and find that we all have different picks for which game was the absolute best. Plus we answer lots of questions, including the most important one a woman could ever answer.
IGN Girlfight Episode 34
This week, IGN’s newest gal editor joins us as we drool in anticipation of all the great games headed our way this year, reminisce about what careers we wanted when we were kids, and talk about industry trends we’d like to see go away.
IGN Girlfight Episode 35
This week we lament the idiocy of the ad campaign for Dead Space 2, offer beginner tips for WOW and Mass Effect 2, and talk about our high school days.
IGN Girlfight Episode 36
Nicole’s out sick, so Dana fills in as host and Audrey guests as the girls debate whether handheld game systems matter anymore. Plus, how Audrey beat all the boys last night in a game tournament, what everyone has been playing, and why we have a beef with Metal Gear Solid games.
IGN Girlfight Episode 37
This week we go over some big news, including Activision’s decision to kill the Guitar Hero franchise, Fox News’ continued idiocy about games, and answer lots of questions.
IGN Girlfight Episode 38
This week we chat with the CEO of Her Interactive about creating games for girls, why Nancy Drew rocks, and what we think about “pink” games.
IGN Girlfight Episode 39
This week we celebrate Zelda’s 25th birthday, speculate what might happen in response to Vietnam’s decision to limit online gaming, and talk about games that made us cry.
IGN Girlfight Episode 40
It’s like Christmas and our birthdays all wrapped in one. Dragon Age II is here! Plus we talk about some of the more interesting things we saw at GDC, and announce the winners of our first contest.
IGN Girlfight Episode 41
Apparently making a popular iPhone game makes you lose all touch with reality. At least that seems to be the case with the creator of Angry Birds. Also, we dish about how EA loves Fox News, and give some high school dating advice.
IGN Girlfight Episode 42
Japan has been through disaster after disaster, so we pay tribute to the country by sharing some of our favorite experiences while travelling there, including ninjas, cosplayers and arcades.
IGN Girlfight Episode 43
Believe it or not, we talk about sports in this episode, and more specifically the fact that college athletes don’t get anything for appearing in games. Plus Meghan and Audrey duke it out over Dragon Quest.
IGN Girlfight Episode 44
Seems like just one game isn’t enough anymore. Now we have games inside of games inside of games. Does this really make games better?
IGN Girlfight Episode 45
In case you hadn’t heard PSN is down and your personal information has been compromised. We give you tips on how to protect yourself, talk about our experience so far in the Gears of War 3 Beta, and how absolutely awesome Portal 2 is.
IGN Girlfight Episode 46
This week we chat about the details of Nintendo’s new console, giving Miyamoto mushrooms, and graphics so real they’re creepy.
IGN Girlfight Episode 47
We debate about a monetization structure that’s based on the value of the player, chat about big changes in the industry, and Nicole’s spy capabilities.
IGN Girlfight Episode 48
We talk about China’s growing role in the game industry, the intricacies of interrogation in L.A. Noire, and boobs in 3D!
IGN Girlfight Episode 49
E3 is next week, so we talk about everything we are and aren’t looking forward to about the show, and make predictions for which game will win IGN’s top honor.
IGN Girlfight Episode 50
It’s our 50th Episode, and to celebrate we give Jim Reilly relationship advice, debate the sexiness of meat pies, and oh, yeah, talk about E3.
IGN Girlfight Episode 51
We’re forced to say goodbye to two of our crew members, Dana and Nicole, but we also say hello to the new Daily Fix host Naomi Kyle and 1UP’s Tina Sanchez. Also we’re joined by special guest, Neha Tiwari.
IGN Girlfight Episode 52
We take on the Nintendo trolls, debate the future success of the Wii U, and talk about girls who can crush watermelons with their thighs! Also we’re joined by special guest, Walter Lopez.
IGN Girlfight Episode 53
This week we defend “weird” gamers, talk about zombie fish and much more! Also we’re joined by special guest, Janine Dong.
IGN Girlfight Episode 54
This week we discuss the 3DS price cut, Catherine, and FemShep’s bizarre hairstyle.
IGN Girlfight Episode 55
This week we discuss news from around the world, what books we’re reading, and what iPhone games we play.


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