Game Writing

From the summer of 2011 to the summer of 2012, Nicole was a full-time game writer at social game-maker Kixeye. During that time she did story development and in-game writing for the following projects.

Backyard Monsters
Developed story and characters for Inferno expansion, including writing all dialogue, monster, item, and building descriptions.

Battle Pirates
Designed and developed story and characters for quest system. Developed backstory for all timed events. Wrote in-game text, including dialogue, item descriptions, and building descriptions.

Tome: Immortal Arena
Developed story and initial main characters and heroes. Wrote dialogue for approved heroes.

War Commander
Developed backstory and characters for the entire game. Gave flavor to the RUBI character by writing humorous dialogue that resonated with players and was mentioned in reviews as a positive for the game. Also wrote all in-game weapon, item, and building descriptions, as well as all backstory and dialogue for regular timed events.

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