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Game of Thrones Reunions

For the past couple of months, I’ve been writing about character reunions I’m dying to see in the last season of the show. These include Jon and Arya, Jaime and Bran and lots of others. Read the whole list here.

I Ranked the Battles in Game of Thrones

In my latest piece for the Geek Embassy, I ranked the battles in Game of Thrones. Check it out!

The Top 7 Battles in Game of Thrones

My Newest Story for the Geek Embassy: Who Else Knew the Truth about Rhaegar and Lyanna?

Throughout the entirety of Game of Thrones, Lyanna Stark is mentioned. Usually this happens in the Winterfell crypts when characters are looking at the statue that rests by her grave. The Stark children know little about her except for the fact that their father had a sister.

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I’m Writing About Game of Thrones for the Geek Embassy

I’ve just started writing about Game of Thrones for the Geek Embassy. I’ll be writing a story every 2 weeks, so come geek out with me. We need something to do while waiting for the next season, right? Here’s my first article:

The War That Started the “Game of Thrones”

“It’s a fascinating world that can be confusing for newcomers or even current viewers. Vague snippets of dialogue hint at the events leading up to the start of the series. These may seem unimportant on their own, but make up the threads of the complex plot. In short, if you’re not paying attention, lots of the story flies right over your head.” Read more.